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Functionality of Pars Carrier Hosted Softswitch:

Pars Carrier provides so many functionalities for carriers who want to increas the efficiency of VOIP traffic management. on large-scale networks and is targeted towards carriers running 3+ million minutes of VoIP calls per month. Built on modular architecture, Our solution alleviates the challenges of managing traffic flows on highly distributed networks by providing intelligent built-in algorithms of call routing and elaborate analysis and reporting tools.

It is a handy solution for wholesale carriers who consider price-to-quality ratio in each call route and need to promptly react to changes in routing policy of their peers. Our softswitch solution  is intended for carriers that would like to keep all billing and routing data in one single database (powered by Oracle), included into the system. It  is ideal for carriers that would like to take advantage “hosted softswitch” capability and sacrifice ease of the system management for elaborate functionality.

Pars Carrier hosted softswitch platform is MVTS II and the rich feature set of it includes:

New intelligent routing capabilities
Computer-aided profitability monitoring
Native support of SIP and H.323
Various proxy options for both SIP and H.323
Load balancing mechanism
Elaborate analysis and reporting tools
Advanced pre-billing and accounting capabilities
Partitioning capabilities

Number portability support 


Enhanced routing capabilities

MVTS II intelligent routing capabilities enable carriers to choose the most appealing routes, maximize ASR and service availability and implement flexible routing policies.

MERA VoIP Transit Softswitch II provides elaborate mechanisms which perform smart 'look-ahead' routing based on:

Cost (LCR etc.)

Quality (QoS, ASR, ACD etc.)

Dial peer capacity

Gateway or route load
Precedence or accessibility of destination gateway
Time of day, day of week etc.
Route capacity
Destination gateway precedence/accessibility

Other business critical parameters 

A-Z termination for carriers:

Pars Carrier also offers to VOIP carriers the highest quality, low cost A-Z termination for starting  their business with the list of routes they need pricing on.

If you can find routes that are more competitive than what we are able to offer, you are ready for them most powerful and flexible platform that lets you manage and control your rates.

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