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Is VoIP Bourse another VoIP Forum?

VoIP Bourse is not just another VoIP Forum, it is actually an advanced model of forum that helps you search and request your requested Route/Traffic more effectively also you can customize your own page in VoIP Bourse so all your on-demanded codes and its most updated rate be emailed to you every week.

How can I be updated by most updated A-Z rates?

As you registered in, a personal page named My-VoIP will be created for you, there you can set which destinations you are interested in, according to your interest monthly updated rates will be sent to your email.

Can I sell my available route to VoIP Bourse?

If you have a route and need traffic, you need to just submit it in any of Pars Carrier sites, it will automatically sent to all our hosted soft switch’s customers(which are mostly wholesale traders) and in case your rate was competitive, soon they will contact you.

Can I buy route from VoIP Bourse?

You need to submit your on-demand route with your available traffic per month, it will be forwarded to all of our other customers and we will soon contact you with our best suggestion for you. 

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