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Pars Carrier with monthly traffic of more than 6million from our hosted softswitch customers all over the world on our central switch is a good source of traffic for termination providers, so if want to gain for our available traffic submit your available code and best rate, it will automatic forwarded to our available hosted customers.

Also if you are interested to do your own exchange we developed an advanced form of VoIP exchange forum at www.VoIP for wholesale exchanges.

VoIP Bourse is developing online trading system for VoIP minutes. Our services are used by companies which include International Voice Wholesale Providers, brokers and Internet Telephony Service Providers.

You can register in a few simple steps and see our most updated rates of all A-Z countries, also you an customize your interested codes in your own page in VoIP Bourse so we will email you all updated rates for that specific code as they changes.

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