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We offer A-Z VoIP termination at best rates.  Calls are switched to multiple international carriers using our central VoIP softswitch in Dallas/USA which our company owns and manages.  By using Pars Carrier, you can have a full featured online billing with best monitoring tools for complete statistics and also gain full technical support for solving your problems. Our technical team will help through procedures to start your VoIP business.
Our special features in AZ Termination service are as followings:

High reliability with Multiple redundant routes

Multi-Protocol Support (SIP &H.323)
Our Servers located in USA
No setup fee
No monthly minimum volume
No monthly fee

Lowest Cost

Full Technical Help to Develop your Own Business

Our rates are reviewed monthly.  The billing steps are 1/1.  We require prepayment from all customers and accept payments by Wire Transfer to our bankers in Germany. The minimum deposit to start this service is 500 USD.

You will need your own your VoIP gateway and Internet connection with static to interconnect with Pars Carrier central switch.

We support both SIP and H.323 protocol for origination side, and will provide you full online access to monitor your usage of Pars Carrier AZ Termination.

 Your call is tried through each route in turn until an acceptable connection is achieved. The whole process takes milliseconds, so your customer will not even be aware of the process. But the end result is an extremely high percentage of completed calls.  

Capacity is limited and carefully monitored.  Please contact us with your requirements and we would be pleased to advise you on how much of your traffic we can accept. 

Our systems are monitored 24/7 by experienced and capable telecommunications engineers, in case you need more facilities for your business we can support you with a complete full-feature softswitch

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