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Session Routing

Elaborate dynamic look-ahead routing based on:

Cost (LCR etc.)
Route ASR
Average call duration (ACD)
gateway/route load
route capacity
precedence/accessibility of destination GW
number of calling/called party
routing groups
equipment groups
day of week/time of day

ENUM registry lookups




Carrier-to-carrier and carrier-to-enterprise interoperability:

Support for H.323 and SIP dialects

Two-way SIP/H.323 conversion

Codec support and conversion (G.729, G.729A, G.723.1, G711A-Law, G.711mU-Law, GSM FR, Speex, iLBC)

T.38 fax passthrough


Network Security:

Network Topology Hiding

Call Admission Control (max calls on ingress, max calls on egress, total max calls per direction/route)

Call authorization by IP address or user name and password


Call Statistics and Analysis

Real-time monitoring of ASR, QoS, ACD, disconnect codes

Call statistics monitoring by destination/GW

CDR-based call analysis

CDR in plain text format convenient for analysis and preliminary debugging

CDR filtering by any call parameter


Billing and Accounting

CDR (Call Detail Records):

Single point for CDR collection

100 fields for exhaustive call analysis and preliminary debugging (Call ID, Disconnect Codes, Connect Time, Elapsed Time, QoS, Rate Plan Currency and more)

All relevant call details for complex billing of end-users

CDR re-rating and backup


H.323 Gatekeeper and SIP Registrar Functionality

Zone management (You can have your own dedicated IP for your partition)

Registration of terminal devices

Dynamic registrations

IP-to-IP GW (CAC based on originator IP address, no RAS authorization required)


Number Translation/Normalization

Regexp-based number translation patterns and rules

Number translation applied at ingress, egress or within Soft Switch

Source/destination number translation as required by different carriers

Source number disguise


Supported protocols

H.323 v.2 and later (including H.245 v.7, H.225 v.4)

SIP v.2.0 (RFC 2543bis/3261)



Oracle 10.2



GUI Web interface



Can be Upgraded to 10,000 concurrent calls

Call accretion rate (CPS): 100

New registrations per second: up to 100

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