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Secure your Business
With full proxy support you can hide all information of your origination/termination from each other; also Source/Destination number translation is completely support.

Intelligent Routing (Better quality and performances with no monitoring)

Cost (LCR etc.)

Quality (QoS, ASR, ACD etc.)
Dial peer capacity
Gateway or route load
Precedence or accessibility of destination gateway
Time of day, day of week etc.

Route capacity

Destination gateway precedence/accessibility

Other business critical parameters





Real Time Billing & Accounting

Pars Carrier Hosted softswitch solution allows import of partner rate plans and customer accounts and export of CDRs. Ability to import partner tariff plans significantly reduces the dial plan preparation time thereby enabling the carrier to flexibly and promptly respond to the pricing whims of peering partners. Billing and accounting capabilities enable carriers to implement flexible discount management and support of various billing increments. All the data is stored in the system's Oracle™-powered database which features its own redundancy scheme.


Single point for CDR collection

100 fields for exhaustive call analysis and preliminary debugging

All relevant call details for complex billing of end-users



Protocol Conversions

Support for H.323 and SIP dialects
Two-way SIP/H.323 conversion (G.729, G.729A, G.723.1, G711A-Law, G.711mU-Law, GSM FR, Speex, iLBC)
Codec support and conversion T.38 fax passthrough


Analysis and Reporting Tools with Alarming Capability
We offer a full-fledged management system that enables carriers to keep the finger on the pulse of the network and control its efficiency. Pars Carrier Softswitch provides a vast choice of analytical capabilities to enable real-time monitoring of call dynamics based on time of the day, day of the week, QoS fluctuations, load, profitability and other parameters. The resulting estimates are visualized in various intuitive charts and graphs. With the network analysis engine, the system can automatically choose the most profitable tariff plan for a destination, based on the prices and average call duration to enable the carrier to select the best business partner in each particular case.

It also supports real-time alerting (rate plan unprofitable alert, low profit alert, routing path restriction alert, call looping alert etc.) to facilitate constant network profitability monitoring.

Real-time monitoring of ASR, QoS, ACD, disconnect codes

Call statistics monitoring by destination/GW
CDR-based call analysis
CDR in plain text format convenient for analysis and preliminarydebugging

CDR filtering by any call parameter

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