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VoIP Termination

If you are new in VoIP industry and want to start a business or already offering VoIP services and want to increase your revenue, VoIP Termination is the most preferred business model.

A VoIP terminator is an ITSP dealing with multiple carriers and terminating voice calls on multiple voice gateways.

Starting a VoIP termination business is a four step process:    

1.    Setup your gateways. This will require you to have a broadband Internet connection coming into the gateway on one end and PSTN telephone lines connected on the other end. This gateway will receive voice traffic from the Internet and deliver it over PSTN lines.

2.    Get a billing solution and connect it to your gateway like “Pars Carrier billing solution”.

3.    Find originators that need to send traffic to the area codes that you support.

4.    Configure the network account and establish credit with originators and start the service!

Termination setup requires efficient carrier management and billing solution that should provide at least:
Traffic analysis
Real-time usage reporting
Revenue assurance

Flexible rating


Pars Carrier offers  a VoIP billing System, a complete billing solution that satisfies billing requirements for this business model. It is a user-friendly and comprehensive web-based billing solution that fully caters the requirements for a VoIP terminator. This billing solution provides web access to carriers which allows them to view the traffic and billing details online.

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